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Unlock your imagination with Dubes Custom Creations!

Located in the beautiful City of Saint Thomas, we are focused on making custom built-in units that our clients have only dreamed of.



Owner of Dubes Custom Creations

My career in cabinet making started 17 years ago in high school. I quickly learned how much I enjoyed shop class which lead to me securing a co-op opportunity for a high end cabinet shop in St Thomas. I worked at that same shop for a few years after high school. Eventually as the years went on, I worked for a few different cabinetry related companies in St Thomas and London. Throughout my employment I learned installations, specialized custom work, programming, CNC operation, supervising, the ins and outs of the business. I was grateful to learn from some of the best locals in the industry.

Just before covid, I lost my wife to cancer and I became a single dad to my 5 year old daughter. This encouraged me to make some life changes that would better support my daughter. We moved to a property where I was able to assemble my very own shop. With the motivation of my daughter and the help from Family and Friends Dubes Custom Creations was born.

Locally owned and operated, I strive to provide St Thomas and London area with high quality custom cabinetry (all which are built from scratch) at an affordable price. My favourite part of my job is helping my clients bring their visions to life.

Dubes Custom Creations owner Kyle offering custom cabinetry St Thomas

Ready to unlock your imagination and bring your custom creation ideas to life?

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